Unique style inspo handmade in CT

I used to believe I needed a reason to be stylish. But all it took was finding the right motivation. 

Photo (c) Amanda Song 2018.

Drape a long pearl necklace over a dark outfit to instantly glam it up. Photo (c) Amanda Song 2018.


I recently moved from New York City, the most fashionable place on the East Coast, to Connecticut, and my style confidence took a hit. Living in the literal country, I’m typically tromping through grass and impressing no one but the cows chomping on it (and maybe also the mosquitoes chomping on me).

But I have a wardrobe full of great pieces itching to be worn. AKA if I don’t wear them I’m going to hear about how I waste money on clothes–which is actually worse coming from your husband than from your parents. So I made up a reason to wear them.

I hope that dressing confidently stylish in Connecticut and sharing the bold style statements of fellow Connecticut-ers can help inspire you to do the same! Because, honestly, the world can use a little more unique style inspo.

Along the way, I discovered that Connecticut has some unique style gems of its own. Once you’re not surrounded by Zara‘s on every corner, you have to look a little harder for great style grabs, but it’s totally worth it.

Read on to find out why.


My favorite way to wear a 12-in-1 necklace: like a scarf. Photo (c) Amanda Song 2018.


Being a stylish or fashionable person means braving a lot of bold statements pieces. For instance, in your twenties it’s not always cool to wear beaded jewelry, because it looks so obvious and cheap. But when I saw this 12-in-1 faux pearl necklace, and the different ways of styling it, I couldn’t help myself.

I saw it at a vintage/bohemian tag sale in Hartford, CT. There I met a wonderful mix of business owners, entrepreneurs, collectors, and artists who hand-craft the jewelry they would want to wear to sell! How amazing. Here I was not even having the confidence to wear the clothes I want when others are hand-making and selling items of their own.

That’s where I met Jackii, who handcrafts unique pieces of jewelry with stones sourced from around the world.


The shells in this necklace are from Kenya, Jackii said. Photo (c) Amanda Song 2018.

Many of her beautiful and original jewels were made with pieces of shell and bone from Kenya! Okay you can find Kenyan jewelry in NYC too, but Jackii’s pieces are one-of-a-kind, found only in the Nutmeg State.

But when I saw the long strand of faux pearls displayed I knew I couldn’t walk away without them. Faux pearls are some of the best cheap jewelry because even though everyone knows they’re totally fake, the luster of white beads make any outfit instantly more glamorous.

That’s where I got this 12-in-1 necklace, which Jackii designed to be worn “like a scarf, like a choker,” and ten more ways. I’m modeling three of the fun ways to wear it.


Dress up a beachy tank top with a faux pearl necklace. Photo (c) Amanda Song.



This look could transition from day to night easily with a cardi or blazer covering the arms. Photo (c) Amanda Song 2018.


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