I’m Amanda Song, a fashion writer with an aim to capture and share the beauty of personal, unique street style. You may have seen me on the streets photographing people’s #styleinspo. I love meeting new people and learning about what inspires their looks. 

I get my style inspo from my mom, a designer, and my husband’s Korean culture. (See some Korean street style inspo here.) 


I try to maintain a balance between the classic Milan fashion trends that are the main inspo for American “high fashion,” (my dad is Italian, maiden name Campanaro) and cute, fun street style popular in Korean culture.

My mom is a designer with a sixth sense for classy-chic style, and growing up beneath her sewing machines taught me how unlike her I am. But it also taught me how a fresh, modern take on a classy look can become the next trend.





So what’s The Inspo Edit?

“Inspo” is a trending term for “inspiration,” made popular by Instagram hashtags. Edit is a journalistic term for an article or several articles with a niche focus. The Inspo Edit is a blog/website where people come for outfit ideas, style inspo, and confidence to dress boldly and uniquely you. In Connecticut, where I currently live, there is a severe lack of original style. I think that’s because we Nutmegers feel that no one really cares, no one is watching, and we’d rather be comfortable.

Comfort is definitely a style preference, and if you’re style goal is comfort go ahead and own it! But I fear that this statewide epidemic of comfort clothes is more a fear of dressing up and looking “extra.” If you know everyone else at the grocery store threw on a pair of sweats and slippers, why would you want to be the one shopping for cereal in stilettos? (Um, because you’re a boss and a trend setter!)

The Inspo Edit and I are here to up the fashion game in CT and the East Coast, because the world could use a little more personality. Now get out there and show us your style inspo!