My Entrepreneur Journey #2: Managing Free Time

Day one of waking up without a job. Where do you begin?

Until a week ago, I had been juggling 47.5 hours a week at my job, 10 hours a week for online schooling, about 15 hours a week freelancing and 5-10 hours a week producing and managing my YouTube show. At a minimum, I worked 80 hours a week. To put a value on it, that’s more work in a week than lawyers at the top law firms who earn a quarter-million a year.

You can imagine the panic and confusion that set in on Day One of waking up without a full-time job. I had 10 extra hours in my day. It struck me (and terrified me) how easy it would be to blow this new-found free time lounging around, surfing social media, pretending to be busy but actually spiraling. I had to literally fight the urge to search Indeed for open jobs.

If you plan to quit your job at some point to pursue your passion of starting a business, traveling the world, etc., you will likely also feel the fearsome power of free time. Here are some ways to keep busy and ensure you are not wasting it.

Ensure your finances are in order

Having to worry about money is extremely detrimental to your productivity. Before submitting your letter of resignation, you should have already planned out the first few months or so of your finances. Whether you’ve got a part-time gig lined up, your business has already successfully taken off, or you’ve got enough saved up to live off of for months — have a plan. At the best, it works out. At the very least, having a plan prevents you from worrying, which lets you focus all that energy on creative thinking.

Photo by from Pexels

Keep a daily schedule, and stick to it

Whether you were a prompt, organized person or the artistic but disorganized type, becoming strict with your time is a non-negotiable when you’re an entrepreneur. My first time commitment was to be up and “in my office” (my living room desk) by 8am Monday through Saturday. Sure enough, at 8am every morning except Sunday, I am at my desk, fully dressed (not in pajamas but real clothes) and working. Whatever your schedule looks like, holding yourself accountable to meeting it puts you in the right frame of mind and ensures you don’t start slacking off.

Make down time productive, too

You’re an entrepreneur, not Superwoman. Don’t be afraid to admit you need a moment to relax during the day. If you keep even your “lazy” moments productive, you aren’t wasting time at all. Some ideas: take 20 minutes away from your desk and read a book; have a cup of coffee while catching up on your most inspiring YouTubers; Need to check Instagram? Try to learn by studying what successful ‘grammers are doing and not just admiring the pretty photos.

I’m not a huge fan of naps, but sometimes you need a 30-minute power snooze to wake up with fresh energy and new ideas. Just make sure you get the most out of it.

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