New England Fall Date Idea (romantic or friendly!)

Looking for things to do in Connecticut this fall?

We New England-ers know there’s nothing like the first crisp breeze of Fall and a waft of nutmeg spice in the air to get you feeling hygge (in case you’ve been MIA for the past two years, that means feeling cozy and content, like reading a book and sipping tea by the fire).

But probably the universal reaction to wanting to be cozy is wanting a partner to cuddle up with! I can’t help you find one of those just yet, but if you’ve already got one in mind, I can offer a great New England Fall date idea: go apple picking together!

New England does apple farms like nowhere else on the planet (except maybe real England, but we get more sunshine so our apples are juicier). Picture rolling green hills, leaves burning orange, red and yellow, and the freshest, apple-infused air you can imagine.

When I’m in the car on the way to an apple orchard, I have this tendency to picture myself dressed like a milkmaid, and as soon as I hit the ground and get a whiff of apples blowing through the farm air, I am transported centuries back to a simpler time when all you needed was a good season, a good harvest and a good partner to be happy.


Look at us happy love birds! Okay that was the peach tree section, but you get the point.

Have you ever been apple picking? Have you ever gone with your Significant Other? How about with your friends? Apple picking is a great way to bond because the activity is not on a timer (this could also be a drawback if you’re on a first date and anxious to get the heck outta there).

But there’s something about the fresh air on a sunny Sunday, and being able to pick your own food, like farm-to-table, that brings us back to our roots. It’s humbling.I’m not sure if you believe in any kind of God but my mom always used to say being on top of the mountain at Lyman Orchards was as good as going to church on Sunday, because we were “so close to God” anyway.


The view from one of the high hills at Lyman Orchards, Connecticut.

And I think that if you are spiritual, you will understand that being up there in the open nature, with no skyscrapers or plane traffic or pollutants separating you from the earth, it is a kind of spiritual expression.


I’ve always loved tasting the fruit before I buy it, and taught my husband to do the same first time we went together.

If you want to go on a date where you can really have a deep conversation, or where the activity will require just enough focus to allow for some silence to pass between you (In case you are still a new couple and still nervous about what to say) apple picking is a perfect idea.

Plus, you can get up to all kinds of fun comparing who can pick the most apples faster, who can find the sweetest, juiciest apples, tasting the different varieties (granny smith, golden delicious, macintosh). And when the silence gets unbearable, crunch into a crisp apple and chew as loud as you can. That’s sure to get some laughs.


Just be careful of the fallen fruit. They get slippery and stepping on one will either ruin your shoe or possibly twist your ankle.


I’m so excited to continue this tradition with my husband. He had never gone to an orchard to pick his own food before I brought him along last year. For as long as I can remember my family traveled to Lyman Orchards every fall, racing up the green hills and ducking in and out of trees to find the perfect fruit for a pie. And I wouldn’t want a New England fall without it.

Stay inspired, and thanks for reading! Til next time XOXO

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