Double check your plaid this fall


I almost didn’t wear this unusual outfit, twice. The first time I put this unique outfit together, it was nixed by my very stylish mom. She said a summer tee shirt, fall skirt and the platform heels I was wearing weren’t appropriate for a fashion show. I didn’t wear it then, but I vowed to try again.

This week, the weather turned cool enough to warrant wearing a fall skirt, and I wanted to put this crazy look together again. After going back and forth debating, I finally decided to do it.

If you only have one pattern in your closet this season it has to be plaid. The vintage check look has seen a huge revival since two fall’s ago, and now is the peak time to wear it. Not only is plaid available in every style you can think of (jacket? check. Trousers? check. Plaid Stilettos? Check!) But it is currently so hot, it will go with anything.

Plaid is (almost) always professional and, if you’re a beginner to styling plaid, like me, it really can be worn so many creative ways. Read on for plaid styling inspo.




This Zara plaid skirt is last fall’s, but it is still one of the fall pieces I am most looking forward to wearing this year. It’s fitted, but the fabric is thick and sturdy, so when I tuck shirts in you don’t see any lumpy lines around my waist. Plus, it’s cozy, especially worn with a pair of leather boots!



The blue stripes running along this plaid skirt add a hint of color. I like to pair this skirt with a blue top to really make it pop.

I was never a huge fan of plaid because I usually saw it styled with a white blouse, or other neutral colors found in the plaid pattern itself. On my light skin, lots of gray and white swamp me, and often just look bulky. But when I saw the blue lines running cris-cross on this skirt, my mind blossomed with the possibilities.

I realized I could wear this plaid skirt with fun colors that compliment my skin, like navy or teal, and because it’s a professional looking skirt, it would polish off my look no matter what top I paired it with. I can’t wait to try it with a fluffy blue waffle sweater.


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Would you pair plaid and florals in the same outfit? Let me know in the comments below!


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Thanks for reading, see ya friday!