Building a blog and a brand: 5 lessons from 5 up and coming bloggers

Gone are the days of the internet when you could publish veritable diary entries and be discovered by thousands. In the internet’s oversaturated blogosphere, it’s tough to create a unique style, or brand, that sets you apart from the next life/style/travel blogger. And because content creators are all vying for attention, we continually raise the bar for ourselves and those following us—meaning you’ve got to put in even more effort than the blogger you aspire to be like.

But it is essential if you want to grow your following or monetize your blog.

So how do we do it? I’ve analyzed dozens of bloggers and their Instagram accounts and identified five that stood out the most, because of their impact on me as a viewer.

Here are five lessons from five upcoming bloggers, proving that not everything has already been done.

Be a resource.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.24.59 PM.png

Photo taken from Ashleigh Hutchinson’s The Daileigh.

It’s not often you can find posts like “How to wear shorts in your 50s or 60s’ but The Daileigh creator and blogger Ashleigh Hutchinson has got you covered. With frequent online webinars and a series of eBooks teaching her style mantras,  Hutchinson’s blossoming empire focuses on helping her audience truly build a stylish wardrobe they can be proud to wear.


Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.24.43 PM.png

A snapshot of Hutchinson’s eBooks on style.

2. Draw from your unique experiences


Erica Choi, creator of Egg Canvas. Photo from Egg


There’s just something about Egg Canvas creator Erica Choi’s style that makes you want her life. every post she makes on the blog and her corresponding instagram—whether coffee  with her friends or a weekend getaway—is framed with her expertise as an artist, in a way that’s impossible to copy. Unless you also have an MFA in graphic design and are the senior digital design director at Barneys,  NYC you wouldn’t be able to, anyway. Try drawing from your own unique experiences to discover your style.


3.  Inspire Confidence

You aren’t the only the blogger sharing your favorite  beauty products, every style blogger does that. What don’t others do?

People often search Google for confidence boosters. Having trouble finding cute clothing or shoes in your size? Girl with Curves is here to remind you: it’s not you, it’s the industry.  Girl With Curves is a blog founded by Tanesha Aswathi to inspire women to feel beautiful regardless of “weight, shape or size,” creating a platform for plus size fashion. Girl With Curves reminds us all that the fashion industry’s ideals of beauty rarely match up to reality, and her abundance of style tips and inspirational posts are here for us incase we forget that.


4.  Patience is a virtue

TwentyFivePlusFive Naples1

Photo of Laura Anne Barbose, courtesy of Barbosa and Twenty-five Plus Five

Your blog has barely begun to take off but the honeymoon phase is already over.  I know that feeling–we all do. But life and style blogger Laura Anne Barbosa of Twenty-five Plus Five is here to remind us: blogging takes patience, and is not for the easily discouraged. Twenty five plus five is just a few months old but already a treasure trove of inspiring posts. She caters to the average 30-something year-young women, and her posts are infused with her optimism.

“I would love to average 1,000 reads per blog post by next year,” Barbosa, a full-time first-grade teacher, told The Inspo Edit via email.  She plans to achieve that by maximizing her ‘free’ time and doing lots of planning ahead.

5. Nothing is too small to share


Photo by ActuallytoAshley.

Fledgling fashion, food and travel blogger Actually to Ashley may not have as much experience as the big names, but she sure has good taste. With each insta-perfect snapshot, she communicates anything including a lettuce-bun sandwich, her daily style, and a priceless backdrop– and has fun doing it. By sharing even the small joy of a delicious ice cream cone, Ashley manages to connect with her audience in an honest and creative way.

Ashley says:  “What I’m wearing, my pose and the environment I’m in enhances my personality through my posts.”


These are five bloggers whose originality really stood out to me, both in content and creativity.

 If you’re trying to figure out your niche in the blogosphere I recommend checking out these ladies’ blogs.


Thanks for reading!