Clothing made to wear forever

Why ‘buy now, wear forever’ is good for your bank account and the planet.

In case you still haven’t heard, sustainable clothing is on trend. There’s a slew of eco-friendly clothing brands using sustainable manufacturing methods to produce classic style staples, so that you don’t have to contribute to the 15 million tons of used textile waste piling up on landfills every year.

But today I’m thrilled to share a new brand I’m learning about, Lykke Wullf, that designed a collection meant to be worn all year, every year—forever! It sounded a little boring to me at first. I was expecting to see plain white tees and black flats—you know, things that literally never go out of style, but that also inherently lack style.

sandi pant

The Lykke Wullf Sandi Pant are a fan favorite. Made of 100% cotton canvas (a tougher cotton), they feature a wide leg and large pockets. Photo taken from

Instead, Lykke Wullf’s Forever Collection radiates California cool and European minimalism, and their “basics” are anything but basic. The brand was created by designer Jemma Swatek and named after her mom Lykke Wullf, meaning “happiness wolf” in Danish. It is based out of California and built on the idea that “it’s better to build a smaller wardrobe of timeless collections” than to chase trends.

As an occassional trend chaser myself, I would save a lot of money investing in long-term pieces that can be styled infinitely rather than cheap fast-fashion. Plus, clothing that’s made to last endures more washes, and thus doesn’t end up as more discarded clothing clogging up the landfills.

But the Forever Collection goes a step further. Inspired by vintage workwear (think jean overalls), this durable collection transitions seamlessly from summer to fall, winter to spring, year to year. And with it’s laid-back but functional approach to style inspired by Jemma’s Danish roots and Western upbringing, the line is rooted in environmentalism.

“Our ‘forever’ collection is really durable and a lot of it is inspired by vintage workwear, so it’s meant to last, which to me means being more environmentally friendly,” Swatek told W Magazine.


Photo taken from

Lykke Wullf’s Anita Overalls (paired above) are an all-time best-seller. Adjustable straps make them a great fit for any height, and the fitted high waist zips up in the back, making your butt look amazing. The classic Western look goes just as well with a summer crop top and sandals as with an autumn lace blouse and booties.


The best thing about this minimalist, workwear inspired line is that it flatters more body types and doesn’t box wearers into strict gender norms. You can find frilly dresses in the Women’s section at Lykke Wullf like anywhere, but you’ll also find rugged denim overalls and boxy jackets–some of my favorite menswear inspired looks.


Want to learn about more eco-friendly fashion brands? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll feature more sustainable brands! You can also head over to my sustainable clothing resource list for a wide array of eco-fashion brands to shop from.