Fashion Week Street Style: Glam vs Edgy

Five days until the Danbury Fashion Show and I have nothing to wear!

I went to TJMaxx today desperate to find a top, thinking that a new blouse or cami is all I need to pull a look together for Danbury Fashion Week. I didn’t end up buying one (good thing, too cause they had nothing decent in hindsight).

Instead, I’m digging through my “fall” haul a month or two early in hopes of finding the right outfit for Fashion Week. I’m challenging myself to do this without buying anything new.

Now the question is: Edgy or Glamorous?

In the past I never wore such loud shoes because I was afraid of attention. Now these bright yellow floral kitten heels seem almost docile.

Fashion Week isn’t just about being seen wearing the next big trend, but wearing what you feel best and boldest in. Yes it should be forward thinking and trendy, but it also has to be 110 percent your style.

We know that bold colors and florals are on the forecast for Fall fashion, so I’m sending the message that I’m paying attention to upcoming trends with my dress. But I’ve made the style more unique with a glamorous string of pearls around my neck contrasting the metal-strap pleather purse. Glamorous and feminine with a twist.

Though the flower design on my dress and shoes feature two different main colors (orange and violet on top, yellow on bottom) the vines and leaves continue from the dress onto the shoe, as well as the pink petals, so they have matching undertones. Wrap it up with a matching pink lip, and it works for me.

But on second thought, maybe the shoes and dress together could backfire, like I’m desperate to prove I know florals are trending. Just in case, I’ve prepared another, edgier look.

Nothing screams “freedom from style norms” like leather and metal. They’re fundamental to edgy style. People associate femininity with flowers, but what if I tear up the glamorous feminine look with leather cage stilettos?

It’s unexpected, and it takes the look from “feminine” to bold. Now I’m making a statement: I like to remix traditional concepts of women’s fashion with bold and rebellious looks. From my pearls on top to the metal-ringed shoes, each layer is as random as the next.


Zara’s cage leather heels are the edgiest shoe I’ve ever worn, and they’re perfect for Danbury Fashion Week.

I chose these cage leather heels because the strappy design interspersed with hardware rings compliments the quilted pleather and chain strap of my Chanel flap bag dupe. They’re itching to be seen on the streets together. The floral dress keeps it lighthearted, and true to myself. I love feeling feminine, but I don’t want to be boxed into “feminine” (aka “appropriate”). I want to make my own definition of it.


When paired with Zara’s leather cage sandals, the look instantly becomes edgier, more eager for a night out.

Which would you rather wear to Danbury Fashion Week? Let me know in the comments!