Why I’m embracing the fanny pack trend

Today’s style inspo is brought to you by a couple’s fight hangover. I’ve realized that by only posting  the best photos of style inspo and fashion, I can be painting an unrealistic picture of my life. It’s not all candids and sunshine. So today’s bum bag and biker shorts are inspired less by the current Kim K staple and more by my mood: empowered, relieved it’s over, but still not 100 percent my chic self. This is also


This road was closed off due to construction, so I took a shot (literally!) I’d think twice before attempting this if it weren’t blocked off.

When I get upset I tend to think: Proceed at your own risk to whomever I’m arguing with. But that’s a passive thought that neglects my own part in the disagreement. When I actually take a moment to admit my fault, it gives me the power to steer the conversation away from something ugly.

2018-07-14 03.30.32 1.jpg

Shades are a great way to avoid eye contact and therefore unnecessary smiles when you’re just not in the mood. It’s better not to smile at all than to force a fake one, IMO.

Despite the heavy clouds, I started the morning covering my eyes with sunnies because I was not in a smiley mood.  But as soon as a kind lady offered to help take my photo, the smile wouldn’t go away.


Green and blue are two powerful contrasts to red. If you’re sporting a statement red accessory, try contrasting it with a turquoise ring or green nail polish. The colors bring out the best in each other.

My husband and I are both stubborn and a little selfish when we fight. Rather than complementing each other, we clash. But contrast can also create beauty, and can even bring out the best in each. It’s just a matter of knowing when and how much to do.

I tried to wear it horizontally around my waist but the strap is belted and it just didn’t fit. This is a fun and trendy alternative for when your bum is too big or small for a bum bag.
I’d rather find a way to make it work, even if it’s unusual or weird, than let something beautiful go to waste. 
The fanny pack trend may fizzle out, or it may last a decade. Either way, I want to make it work because I get style inspo from it, and it feels like I am connecting with my mom’s generation, when they first became trendy.


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