Casual Friday Style Inspo: Girlfriend Jeans and Mules

Tomorrow is a great day—it’s Friday! That means Casual Friday dress at many offices. Here’s some style inspo to get you happily and comfortably through the last day of the workweek. And with the right accessories, it can even get you to happy hour without going to change first. Cheers to that!

2018-07-12 02.35.58 1.jpg

You probably own a pair of ripped jeans and a neat t-shirt. Pair them with a mid-heeled mule or a heeled sandal for your Chic Casual Friday.

Each of these pieces was acquired separately over different times and sources, but they each pair well with the staple ripped girlfriend jeans.

Notice my jeans are not ripped half open like some popular distressed jeans styles. Casual Fridays allow you to show your unique style but remember that how you dress reflects the tone of your office, and you don’t want your customers to think your office is sloppy.

The golden rule for styling ripped jeans is to avoid pairing them with other “destroyed” items. Avoid torn shirts and jackets. To style them up to be more glam and chic, pair them with classy accessories like a simple tote and one or two metal bracelets.

Pro-tip:  Blue is a great color to accessorize a neutral outfit, especially with black. Add a pop of blue as a necklace, purse, or belt to brighten darker neutrals.

This look is also super convenient for happy hour! If you want to be even more comfortable, wear flats instead of a heel.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts or comments below. Until tomorrow.