The Summer Intern’s Guide to Dressing Like a Boss (Part 2)

Now that we’ve covered how, where and when to shop like you run the office, let’s get into smart summer intern style inspo.

First I will point out another great opportunity to shop fashion on a budget: the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is July 20 and it’s a great chance to score more savings on a variety of brand names, and even designer fashion. You can even stock up your wardrobe for next semester, so mark your calendars.

Back to dressing like a boss.

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Shorts are definitely summer office appropriate as long as they’re the right cut and length. Photo (c) Amanda Song 2018.

At a professional office, you’ll typically find they dress business casual or business professional. Recently, start-ups and long-standing companies built on their sense of design and style have emphasized creative office style. Depending on your office, you’re going to want to make sure you represent the companies goals by dressing the part.

I chose statement jewelry in bold colors that compliment my shirt and bag. 

The shorts I’m wearing above are mid-rise cotton-blend, in a simple cut that’s both flattering and professional. Their ability to blend with a blouse and even blazer makes it easy to overlook how short they actually are. However, lace-up sides, ripped jeans or frayed hems are not even business casual. Frayed hems may be acceptable in a creative office as long as the length doesn’t show too much skin.

If your office is business professional (you must wear suits and be well-covered) you may not be able to get away with shorts. In that case, replace them with a knee-length, cotton or cotton-blend pencil skirt.

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The pattern on my basket bag pulls out the similar pattern and colors on my blouse. 



When showing more skin in one area, expecially at  the office, my rule of thumb is to conceal more in other areas. It doesn’t apply to everyone, but I believe in the power of having a little mystery and leaving somethings to the imagination.

Because I’m wearing a sleeveless blouse, showing more than the usual amount of arm, I’ve paired my plain shorts with matching plain white cone heel pumps. Sandals would also work in a creative or business casual office, but I would pair sandals and shorts with a more concealing blouse or light jacket.


As always, I would love to hear your thoughts or comments about the blog, style inspo, or posts you would like to see more of! Thanks for reading XO