Make the most of what you’ve got in your closet

We tend to lose style inspo once the excitement of a new outfit wears off.

You wore it to that one event you bought it for, or a year has passed and you don’t think last summer’s shorts will make do this year too.

Now that I’ve published several posts about where to find the best end of season sales, and what to shop for, your brand new style staples are hopefully well on their way to your doorstep. But this is the hardest part.

2018-07-09 12.29.02 1.jpg

Everything on me, except my wedding rings, I bought years ago, but they come together to look glamorous, edgy and fresh.

As a professional online shopper (jk as an online shopaholic) I’ve learned that the days between placing your order and receiving it are the hardest because that’s when you find the least style inspo in the clothes you’ve already got. I get so excited thinking about the infinite ways to style my new outfits that I lose all interest in working with the forgotten (but still fairly new) items in my closet already.

Here’s how you can make the most of those old but not outdated pieces in the back of your closet.

2018-07-09 12.29.00 1.jpg

This outfit could easily be worn for drinks with a pair of platform heels instead of platform sandals.

This retro inspired ensemble may look familiar: the 1970’s hippie pants were 2016’s style du jour. But bell bottoms are just now beginning to reach their peak season. Platforms are also a major look this summer and in the Resort 2019 collections, so I consider these flared patterned yoga pants and chunky earth walkers still okay and not at all outdated. The neon green, however, is on its way out so this is probs my last summer wearing these sandals.


I love how these Express geometric drop earrings add an edgy look to the lace top, pulling the focus off my kitschy pants.

On my upper half I’m wearing a lace top I bought a couple summers ago and only wore twice. But it’s a crop top, and those are all the craze these days. Plus my pants are high-waisted and the crop top shows off their full silhouette.

The jewelry, aside from my wedding rings, is all more than four years old. The geometric drop earrings and necklaces are from my sophomore year of college (circa 2014) and the blue topaz ring is my mom’s from ages ago. But the jewelry pulls the outfit together with a glamorous polish, so that it doesn’t look too bizarre.

2018-07-09 12.28.58 1.jpg

Most of this jewelry is from four+ years ago. But finding new ways to wear it keeps it fresh.

Next time you stare at your wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear, remember that style is only “outdated”  when wearing it reminds you of high school, and by that time it’s well on its way to being “retro,” which is always an option.


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