My favorite beach look


I like to think of every trip to the beach as a vacation to an island resort. I imagine that rather than a 4 hour getaway, I’m getting far away from my worries back home for the rest of the week. Placing yourself successfully In a dream-cation requires looking the part. Here’s what I’m wearing to my first beach day this year.

My “resort” look:

I never want to feel weighted down or too hot on the beach, so I make sure to bring a cover up that’s a bright color and light weight material.

The dress is rayon, a synthetic fabric that ranges on a spectrum of fake silk to fake linen, and can be similar to cotton. This dress is lightweight and breaths, and the long sleeves are just enough to protect me from the chilly wind at the beach, but not thick enough to make me sweat.

This dress was from Express, and I originally bought it to wear on vacation. But after one wash it shrank, making it too short for a day on the town but just right for the beach.

Pro tip: when you wash a garment and accidentally shrink it, find an alternative use for it. Shrunken pants can become capris or shorts, for instance.

What I love most about this dress is the peasant sleeve and tie opening at the top. When the wind blows I can feel it pass right through the material and pretend it’s carrying me far far away.

I recommend getting yourself a breezy bright dress for your next beach trip!

This bikini is actually 4 years old, but I love the top because it’s a cute, simple style (never off trend 😉) and it gives me the slightest look of actually having cleavage.

The best bathing suit IMO is the one that makes you feel great about your body. Tag @byamandasong on Insta to share your beach style inspo!