Rainy Friday Style Inspo

Rain doesn’t mean you have to wear galoshes and a poncho. Here’s a little style inspo for a rainy (Fri)day.

I used to be the person who didn’t bother to dress up on a rainy day because I didn’t want to risk ruining my nice clothes. Well, that frame of mind slowly seeped into every aspect of  my life, and soon enough it became: I don’t want to wear a sundress today because it’s actually sunny and I might get burned. Or, I can’t wear heels to this party because I might want to dance.

Long story short, one lazy style day excuse led to another, and in no time I lost my sense of style and motivation to get dressed the way I liked to.

So on this rainy Friday, I’m purposely dressing in a way I normally wouldn’t, and hoping to inspire more fun, creative rainy day styles.


In the past you wouldn’t catch me wearing a velvet mini skirt on a damp day.


This casual chic look is both comfortable and a little edgy. It’s not unusual to pair a t-shirt, a mini skirt and sneakers. But mixing the textures to include a UO vintage velvet mini skirt and vibrant mirror shades adds a contemporary touch of fashion to it.

Generally, my rule is: the shorter the bottoms (skirt or shorts) the shorter the heel. This could have looked extra (or try-hard) If I’d gone with heeled sandals instead of a flat sneaker. But the muted pink tones in my t-shirt, Adidas sneakers, and accessories (shades and bag) pull the ensemble together and help give it a focus.


I love mixing categories in my outfits: a party skirt and casual T-shirt, comfy sneakers and a chic purse, and don’t forget the glam jewelry.

The accessories:


I love adding a pop of blue or green to my outfits. They’re two colors I both love and look good in.


Lately I’ve been wearing gifted jewelry from my mom and aunt. In this ensemble, the turquoise ring on my right hand, and the aquamarine on my left pointer finger both came from my mom. I try to always incorporate a bit of blue (here my rings and nails) into every outfit because it’s one of the colors that works best on me.


I chose a pair of glamorous chandelier earrings to go with the bracelet (both green-beaded), gifted from my aunt one birthday. Finally, a simple yellow-and-white gold roped bracelet, from Mom again, brings out the delicate golden rings on my ring finger.

All together, the various tones of pink, blue, green, and neutrals are way more color than I would normally wear on a grey, rainy day. And the skirt, which is more of a night-time, party look, is a lot more fancy than I’d normally wear in the rain. But it worked out to be casual, comfy and stylish, and made me feel good, too. I felt inspired today, and I hope you do too!

I would love to hear your thoughts or comments about the blog, style inspo, or posts that you’d like to see more of! Thanks always for reading and see you tomorrow XO.