8 Style Staples to get at Zara’s seasonal sale

Fast-fashion brand Zara is in the midst of it’s seasonal sale, meaning both this and next season’s hottest items are up to 75% off. Here are the 10 style staples you’ll need for the rest of summer, fall, and winter 2019.

  1. A basket bag


This round basket bag by Asos is the trendiest style, photo by @asosmarketplace.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the increasingly popular round basket bag blowing up your Instagram feed or trending in style magazines.

If you still haven’t gotten the cliche circle bag, but still want in on the trend, head on over to Zara online and snag one of their less-obvious basket bags. I love the Raffia Cross Body basket bag with a chain-link strap and scarf detail (bottom left). It’s glamorous but casual, and a step above the traditional wicker bag.

This chic purse would pair with your workday vibes or as an accessory for a glam weekend getaway.

They have a few other unique styles, and one circular bucket basket bag worth a good Instagram pic. And if you really want to be mainstream, there’s the round-handled braided straw basket bag just itching to be ‘grammed with summery wide-leg pants and a straw hat.

2. A slip dress


Kourtney Kardashian wearing a body-hugging black slip dress with lace applique. Photo by AKM-GS! taken from Usmagazine.com


I’ve shared why this 90’s retro dress is currently my fave summer look, and this week’s heat wave is making me want to invest in another one. If you’re looking for a light, day-to-night, layering staple for your summer and fall wardrobe, now is the time to get one on sale at Zara.


This mint green slip dress would pair well with strappy sandals at night and a light blazer during the day. Photo by Zara.com

This beautiful mint slip dress with lace applique is one I’m eyeing. It would look great with strappy sandals and a kimono in summer, or beneath a trench jacket in fall. Now at 50% discount here.

3. Plaid, please!

plaid fendi

This plaid coat was featured in Fendi’s Fall 2018 collection. Photo by Getty Images.

The good news is, if you haven’t already invested in a plaid staple, like an always-appropriate plaid blazer or a chic pair of plaid trousers, you’ve still got time. Plaid was featured heavily in many designer’s Fall 2018 and Winter/Resort 2019 collections during Fashion week. And why not, it’s a classy cold-weather look!

The bad news? There are a multitude of options to choose from, and it can be a little overwhelming (especially if it’s your first time experimenting with the statement print. I know, I’ve been there ).

That’s why I’m here to help. Below are a few of my favorite plaid looks from Zara’s summer sale. Click through to find one that speaks to you.

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A plaid coat goes well over neutrals. The double breasted plaid coat would look great on top of a black slip dress for a night out, or paired with white boots and ripped black jeans for a casual look. Or pair it over your work slacks with a pair of pumps. The textured weave plaid coat can go with dark-wash jeans and black sandals.

The plaid crop top would go with just about any bottoms barring maybe neons. Neutrals, including white, jeans, and even plaid trousers would look great with it. Avoid heavier floral prints unless you have a lot of expertise.

4. Primary colors in bold prints

Take your color scheme back to the basics this Fall with vibrant reds, yellows and blues. These popular Fall/Winter fashion week statement prints ranged from diagonal stripes to busy florals. But don’t worry, I’ve narrowed down a few staples for your summer and fall 2018 style inspo.


I love the look of this flowy midi dress. The bold primary colors are a huge attention grabber! Photo by Zara.com

When wearing a mix of prints and colors, it’s best to keep your style simple elsewhere. This midi dress would go well black or white sandals.

Shop more fun primary prints below:

5. Primary-colored shoes

red shoes

These adorable red sandals pair with neutrals and statement prints. They add a low-key pop of color to make any style stand out. Photo by @inspocafe.

What better time to buy a “look at me” pair of red shoes than when they’re on sale and on trend? And just in time, because red shoes will compliment your primary-colored ensemble nicely. Just keep the other accessories neutral.

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6. Ruffles


Insta-famous fashionista and style blogger Blair Eadie is wearing a super trendy and glamorous ruffle skirt this summer. Photo by @blaireadiebee.

If you haven’t had enough ruffles yet this past Spring, get ready to shop some more at Zara’s summer sale. Two of my favorites:

The asymmetric simple ruffled dress and the print dress with ruffles.

7. Mom Jeans


I love the look of these slouchy Mom Jeans from Isabel Marant’s Resort 2019 collection (that means they’ll be hitting the racks around Black Friday).


I’ve already explained why I think mom jeans are one of the best fits for comfort and style, and now you have a perfect chance to shop this Fall/Winter 2018 style staple.

My faves from the Zara sale:


8. A winter coat that matches the weather


For some reason looking warm is finally trendy. The fluffier and more weather-appropriate, the better this Fall. Above, Chanel, photo by Indigital.tv.

Finally, mom’s around the world are sighing in joy knowing that warm is actually trendy this Fall and Winter. Indeed, the more weather-appropriate your look, the more chic you’ll be. Shop some cold-weather staples at Zara’s sale, like this water-repellant rain coat or the long anorak with a hood.