Never sacrifice style for comfort at work again

It’s summer but it’s not much of a vacation for the working women out there. Lizzy shares how she keeps it comfy through an 8+ hour shift.


Lizzy Compean works two jobs, and often up to 13 hours a day. She wears comfy mary-janes to keep her on her feet all day. Photo (c) Amanda Song 2018.

Having worked my fair share of restaurant jobs, I know that eight or more hours on your feet isn’t fun. For me, that usually meant investing in a pair of chunky black “comfort shoes” that were neither cute nor all that comfy.

Whether you just got your first summer job to pay for school, or are tired of sacrificing style for comfort at work, you’ll want to read on. Luckily, Lizzy Compean from Vermont has it all figured out.


Lizzy snagged this sweater at a thrift store! Photo (c) Amanda Song 2018.

Lizzy works at a bakery and a live music venue in Vermont, and she hopes to work as a barback soon. She’s on her feet a lot.

“Usually I work everyday at least eight hours, often twelve to thirteen,” Lizzy said when I met her in Storrs, CT.

Lizzy likes to stand out from the crowd with her style. “But then I moved to Vermont, and in the winter you have to wear sweatpants over sweatpants,” she joked. In those conditions, you have to find ways to be stylish when you can.

And Lizzy knows all about uncomfortable shoes. “I used to wear Moonboots when I was eighteen,” she said. But despite their appearance of weightlessness, they’re pretty impractical. “You can’t do anything in them. They’re really fun but not great for walking in snow.”

In her Dansko mary-janes, she’s cute and comfy all day, even when she’s racing around a bakery. “It feels like I’m walking on air,” she said.


Shop the shoes here ($150) and here ($60-$194).